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"Pischchimproduct" is a part of "IRGA Group" chain, a company that has been operating within the Russian market for over 20 years. Today "IRGA Group" is an unquestionable leader of the vinegar market in Russia and one of the biggest producer of fruit and berry conservatives and packaged honey. The company controls 4 factories in Russia and beyond its borders. We are the only producers in Russia who use the most advanced german machinery and technology for the production of the natural vinegars. This allows us to offer our clients products that have no analogues in our country.

"Pischchimproduct" specialises on logistics of the raw products and ingredients for the industrial enterprises in Russia and countries at its borders. Our priorities include constant supply of product of consistent quality. This is the reason why the leading food industry enterprises trust us with their supplies for years. In return, we are doing everything to strengthen those business relationships.

  • Years of experience and specialization in the production of various kinds of vinegars
  • Fully automated, based on German equipment of the latest generation
  • Maximum producing power. Stable production and supplying all year round inspite of the season
  • Consistently high quality of all products assortment

Vinegars for manufacturing enterprises

Vinegars for manufacturing enterprises
  • Acetic acid for food from 9 to 99.5%
  • Natural spirit vinegar 9%
  • Natural apple cider vinegar 6%-9%
  • Natural red or white wine Vinegar 6%-9%
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